Phase 2: Dorelan relaunches and lands in the USA

Dorelan reopens the doors of its production site and takes the Italian culture of “Sleep Well, Live Better” to Miami

After the company shut down on March 12, anticipating national directives as a precaution,

Dorelan now activates Phase 2 in the name of internationalisation.

Throught these two months of production downtime, the company—a leading name in the 100% Made in Italy Bedding sector—concentrated its dedication, creativity and entrepreneurial strength matured over 50 years in operation, focusing on a great new challenge: consolidating its presence in the national territory while also launching an international strategy that commences with the inauguration of a new branch in the United States.

The restart following the lockdown of the retail channel, with 95 retail stores distributed around Italy, is flanked by an important strategic programme that is enacted with the birth of of the new corporation, Dorelan USA.

The headquarters of the American corporation in the city of Miami, considered the global hub for cruises and a point of reference for the Hôtellerie sector, areas of strategic importance for the Dorelan business with its products in more than 10,000 hotels in Italy and abroad and in some 50,000 cabins of the most prestigious cruise companies.

The Miami site is Dorelan’s second international location, accompanying that of Lyon, France, launched in 2018.

Despite the difficulties of recent months, we wanted to pursue an ambitious development plan aimed at international markets, certain that Made in Italy is today, more than ever, a model of values that are greatly appreciated around the world,” states Mario Forcella, Commercial Director of International Markets. “What convinced us to take this next step, even in the context of a global emergency, is the growing demand for our products, from mattresses to bedding systems, known for the ability to ensure that psycho-physical well-being at the heart of people’s needs, especially so today,” concludes Forcella. With 250 employees, a turnover of 45 million euro and an ambitious 2-year development plan, the company founded by Diano Tura and Pietro Paolo Bergamaschi, continues to grow thanks to the brilliant ideas of the young directorate composed of Christian and William Bergamaschi with Luca and Riccardo Tura. All products are designed and developed in the modern Dorelan factory in Forlì, within a space of nearly 38,000 square feet.

Over 220,000 mattresses are made each year, flanked by the development of processes involving the irreplaceable hands of local artisans as a hallmark of the most traditional and noble local manufacturing tradition. From the choice of raw materials—sourced from Italy and, where not possible, from Europe—to the packaging, each stage of the production process is subject to rigorous checks to offer quality products, from bed systems to top-of-the-range mattresses, bed bases and pillows. All guarantee the highest performance over time and satisfy the most varied requirements for rest in the name of reliability. “We are very proud of this US-branded adventure and to have the opportunity to export the Dorelan philosophy, being strongly founded on three key elements: innovation, safety and well-being,” affirms Riccardo Tura, CEO and Marketing Manager of Dorelan, adding, “Over the last 5 years, we have accelerated our growth plan, investing singificant resources in research and development and, in particular, patents and the best certifications in the sector to ensure the great benefits of the Dorelan bed system. Hence, this is our (re)starting point, sure that Miami is only the second of many other Dorelan branches in the world.”

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