Why we must be proud of the excellence of the Italian know-how

Today more than ever we underline the importance of Made in Italy and the necessity to protect the tradition and the experience that we have acquired over the years.

Why can we talk about Made in Italy?

It is the quality of the product that makes our brand reliable. We design and develop entirely in Italy, in the manufacturing site of Forlì, carefully following the whole production cycle and maintaining the full control of each manufacturing process. All Dorelan brand products are made by a careful monitoring of the origin of raw materials. These high-quality materials are then used in production processes that take advantage of the most advanced Italian innovation and research in technology and design.

For us, creating, processing and producing in Romagna has always been a choice of high quality, thanks to expert and skilled artisans that lead to excellence the traditional Italian manufacturing know-how, which has given the Made in Italy its celebrity and uniqueness all around the world.

5 companies in 1.​​​​​​​ 

Dorelan is a real example of Made in Italy, or rather, Made in Dorelan. Why?​​​​​​​

Internal manufacturing is what makes Dorelan an exclusive brand in the bedding market: every product is designed and developed within the company, made of selected raw materials and processed by expert artisans of the Italian know-how, under the sign of traditional Italian manufacturing. All the bed system elements, both exclusive collections of mattresses, bed bases, sommiers, and pillows, are created within the 29,355 square meters and its 14 departments.

Inside the heart of Dorelan coexist 5 different companies, micro-realities that make unique the realization of products for the well-being of sleep in Italy: wood department (construction of bed bases and slats), chemical department (myform production, it represents the inner cores of mattress), engineering department (internal creation and production of springs), tailoring department (the creation and packaging of textile components) and assembly department (the product takes shape).

Wood department: Dorelan is a bed bases manufactures for over 20 years. The various technological innovations and patents achieved have made it possible to create a collection of bed bases able to ensure durability and aesthetic quality. Wood (beech plywood) and iron are the raw materials used. Producing bed bases internally means high investment but it allows to realize products that are studied and designed in order to ensure the best support for bed system.

Chemical department: The polyurethane produced in-house at Dorelan's department is used for MyForm creation. The internal process, in our specialized chemical department, allows the internal creation of polyurethane blocks with limited volumes, compared to their external purchase. This ensures a higher control of the technical characteristics and the uniformity of high-quality standards.

Engineering department: springs inside the mattress are Made in Dorelan too. The processing of steel wire by special high-tech and innovative machines allows the construction of every single spring (pocket, bonnel and LFK springs). The ten-year experience in the creation of springs has allowed to study the product in its own peculiarities and to create models more and more advanced.

Tailoring department: Dorelan history is based on craftmanship. The evolution and growth over the years has led Dorelan to develop advanced processes and technologically innovative, but always maintaining a particular attention to details. The processing of every component of the mattress is realized by our seamstresses, including pillowcase, bands, or the finishing of the padding. The skilled hands and the noise of the sewing machines perfectly mark the traditional sound of a well-finished and Italian production.

Assembly department: this department represents the culmination of the know-how that has characterized Dorelan for 52 years. Every detail and investigation realized on individual components take shape with the construction and creation of the end-product. The assembly of components designed and produced 100% internally is an exclusive added value.

Research and development, the traceability of raw materials, the supplier quality and the well-structured production proudly represent the excellence of the Italian know-how and the elegance of its design.​​​​​​​

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