The quality of your time

The story of Dorelan is one of people, dreams and dedication. 

We believe in Italian quality, in the know-how of a country rich in history, ideas and creativity

Well-being is a balance that can be achieved through healthy habits and excellent products.

We all believe in one big project: the mattress as an art and science. 

Where to find Dorelan

Hotelier World
Boutique hotels, large hotel chains and premium accommodation facilities choose our mattresses for their rooms and suites. Currently over 10.000 clients from the hotelier industry have chosen us. We have sailed the seas and oceans aboard vessels of the most important cruise companies, bringing all the comfort and well-being of home beds to the cabins of prestigious international brands.
In the meantime we have opened more than 100 flagship stores, concept stores dedicated to the philosophy of good rest where visitors can touch Italian quality with their own hands. A veritable Dorelan Experience, an immersion in a world where the most important thing is well-being and everything else falls.

Everything you need for a perfect night's sleep

Dorelan Mission

To improve the lives of people today, tomorrow, always. 


Dorelan Dorelan in the world

Dorelan in the world

Those who choose Dorelan choose better sleep. They choose well-being. Over the years we have built and consolidated a reputation recognised throughout the world and today our mattresses are selected by the finest furnishers and retailers. More than 2.000 stores sell our brand products; many have chosen us as their exclusive offering for bedroom systems. For us this is a great demonstration of trust which we reward with memorable products and a superior added value.
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