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I have a problem with a Dorelan product, who can I contact?

Users wishing to report anything or request any information can contact the company at assistenza@dorelan.it, or use the form on the website, where they can open a ticket which the assistance department will process within a few days, according to the chronological order of various submitted requests. The first reference point for users should be the Store where they made their purchase, for the handling of any complaints.

How can I find Dorelan spare parts?

If you wish to report anything or request information, for example on hinges, covers, feet or other accessories, contact the company at assistenza@dorelan.it or use the form on the website [SPECIFIC WEBSITE LINK], where you can open a ticket which the assistance department will process within a few days, according to the chronological order of various submitted requests.

How do I find out the name of the product I purchased and relative warranty?

Each product is labelled. The product name can be found on the label of B&T S.p.A. mattresses - defined bar-coded label, which is clear and readable. The bar-coded label is sewn along the outer edge of the short side of the mattress (head/feet side). Specifically, the bar-coded label contains the following information: Manufacturing company name and references; Registered trade mark Name of mattress item with relative nominal sizes Mattress type Fabric cover composition Specification of winter padding and summer padding composition Indication of winter side and summer side (if summer padding is different than winter padding) Production batch code Bar code A satin label can be found on all products, including accessories and pillows, containing the following useful information: Manufacturer's name and references Registered trade mark Item name with relative nominal sizes Fabric cover composition Inner cover composition Production batch All base products are fitted with a satin label with all useful information: Manufacturer's name and references Registered trade mark Mattress item name with relative nominal sizes Production batch Bar code Currently bed products only have a packaging label containing the product name and other useful information for product shipment.

I'm interested in your products, where can I find information on prices?

Dorelan products are characterised by a high level of customisation, according to customers' tastes and requirements, including fabrics, sizes, colours, various models and a selection of accessories. This is why

Where can I download catalogues of your products?

Dorelan product catalogues can be downloaded from our website. Catalogues are available on each product page

How can I wash my pillow?

For all maintenance and care information for your Dorelan pillow, visit the new Care and Maintenance section

I'm interested in your Dorelan products, where can I find a store?

You can find all Dorelan products at the following stores. Three store categories are shown on the map: Dorelan Store, Gallery and Collection. Dorelan Stores are Dorelan flagship stores where you can find the exclusive range. Gallery and Collection stores are multi-brand stores and differ in terms of the number of furnishing pieces on display.

I'm looking to purchase a product suitable for my children, which ones would you recommend?

Dorelan has always always paid particular attention to children's rest, with its very own dedicated research department that has developed a special range of mattresses for your little ones. Discover the FORyoung range with Flip, Baby and Cico in the new section

What is Myform?

Myform is a high technology material designed by Dorelan in collaboration with numerous Italian research institutes. Comfortable, ergonomic and breathable, thanks to its innovative molecular structure, it adheres perfectly to the entire body's surface, providing suitable support for all body types, guaranteeing unbeatable comfort. Designed to guarantee maximum safety during rest, Myform is periodically subjected to stringent chemical-physical tests by the Accredited Body for Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 which certifies that this material is safe for use even for newborns and children under 36 months. There are different types of MyForm ,each with its own specific characteristics and properties: Myform Memory Air HD Myform Memory HD Myform Memory Clima Myform Extension Myform Air Find our more on Myform and download the relative guide:

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