Dorelan: new stage of development and new opening in South Korea

The first flagship store in Seoul has opened, confirming the growing international drive of the Forlì-based group specialising in quality bedding solutions


Forlì, Italy, 20 February 2023 - Dorelan has opened its first flagship store in South Korea, confirming its desire to focus decisively on one of the largest Asian countries, notable for its healthy economy and interesting economic growth prospects. The opening ceremony of the new store in Seoul, the Korean capital responsible for approximately half the national economy alone, was held in February. The flagship store, located in the prestigious Nonhyeon district, also home to its main international competitors, will enjoy considerable visibility to passing shoppers, helping to boost awareness of the brand and, at the same time, consolidating its profile among business customers. In recent months, the Italian company has also created Dorelan Korea, a joint venture with the local distributor "The Home", in which B&T holds a 60% ownership stake. This operation should enable the company to develop beyond the 6 million euros generated by its 12 outlets located within department stores plus the first flagship store with the addition, by the end of the year, of two further openings. The flagship store, in the fourth largest economy in Asia and the tenth in the world, fruit of virtually constant progress over the last 20 years and a highly innovation-oriented corporate system, marks a further step in consolidating the brand’s identity. This opening will also provide a stronghold in the continent that has grown most in the last 10 years, featuring a drive towards a higher standard of living and a new and populous middle class. Today, following an initial, more appearance-oriented stage of consumption development, the focus is on the benefits a product can bring to individual lives and well-being, and this is driving investment in quality bedding.

In 2022, Dorelan, soon to celebrate its 55th birthday, opened five franchise stores (in Lugano, Prague, Bucharest, Malta and Tirana) and three directly operated ones (in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Miami), and is planning 25 new openings at home in Italy plus some 10 abroad this year, 30% of which will be directly operated stores. This long journey of growth is distinguished by an ability to establish the excellence of Italian manufacturing first on the domestic market and then on the global one as well, all the while keeping design and production within Italy.

Dorelan is thus confirming its desire to continue its ambitious development plan aimed at the international markets despite the challenging macroeconomic environment, “in the certain knowledge that Italian manufacturing is, today more than ever, a value model admired all over the world”, emphasise Diano Tura and Pietro Paolo Bergamaschi, Founding Partners of B&T S.p.A Group. “Global expansion is increasingly aligning us with the needs of our customers, who recognise our ability to meet evolving requirements in terms of mental and physical well-being and want us to have an established local presence.”


About Dorelan
Dorelan, a leading brand in the domestic bedding industry, is part of B&T S.p.A. Group, founded in 1968, with around 400 employees. Building on more than 54 years of experience, over time the company has combined craftsmanship, superlative product quality and continuous investment in research and development. This has culminated in a 100% Made in Italy production process: from raw materials to the packaging of a wide range of new-generation premium mattresses and bed systems, created with various innovative methods and technologies. These mattresses, with their ergonomics and customisation possibilities, become fundamental to each individual's well-being. The company is also supremely focused on environmental sustainability, working conditions and social responsibility.


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