Dorelan Nice Riviera: a new store in Cote d'Azur


The Forlì-based company reinforces its presence in France after a series of investments in Asia, Europe and the United States. A winning strategy, with a 19% rise in 2022 turnover. New openings and a new mattress collection on the horizon.

An increasingly international spirit as it takes root in high growth markets, without shunning its land of origin: production and design remain exclusively within Italy. This is testament to the multifaceted essence of Dorelan, a leading name in the national bedding industry, part of the B&T S.p.A. Group. The company turns 55 this year and along its journey it has successfully combined artisan knowledge with superlative product quality, affirming all the excellence of Italian production throughout the world.

The latest announcement is the opening of a 140 sqm store in the new "Allianz Riviera Ikea Nice" shopping district, on 50 Avenue Pierre de Coubertin. This is the second direct store in France, following on from Lyon, with a third opening scheduled for 2023, in Saint Etienne. The French market is proving to be crucial for the Forlì-based company, which has other developments planned for the year ahead, making this market crucial, not just for b2b but for b2c too. With reference to the contract offering, the aim is to maintain and consolidate its prime position in France, hence the decision to participate in the 2024 edition of the international hospitality trade show Equipe Paris, following on from 2022 (a reference point for operators of the hotelier, catering, café/bistro industries).

The Nice opening confirms Dorelan's increasingly international vocation as it allocates increasing portions of its revenue for research and development (with the support of the autonomous and independent "Dorelan Research" committee, focused on research and the scientific study of sleep). Thus the company has developed a cutting-edge mattress offering, supremely focused on ergonomics and well-being. All this while paying great attention to environmental sustainability, labour conditions and social responsibility, in production processes, organisation and distribution.
A winning strategy, considering how export is a decisive driver of consolidated turnover, which between 2021 and 2022 rose by 19% to 100 million (following on from a 32% increase in 2020-2021), despite far from favourable economic circumstances.

In 2022 the company opened five franchise stores (Lugano, Prague, Bucharest, Malta and Tirana) and three direct ones (Hong Kong, Taiwan and Miami).

The last few months have also seen the creation of Dorelan Korea, a joint venture with the local distributor "The home", in which B&T holds a 60% ownership stake. Turnover in this country for the Forlì-based company already stood at around 6 million Euros. With 15 stores within department stores and the opening of the first Seoul flagship store at the start of the year, to be followed by a couple of further openings within department stores this year, the strategy has been developed in response to this market's potential for growth: it is Asia's fourth most powerful economy and tenth worldwide. All this thanks to constant growth over the last 20 years and an economic system strongly oriented towards innovation.

An increasingly international vocation has not altered its choices for production, which will remain 100% in Italy (from raw materials to packaging for a wide range of next-generation premium products); Dorelan Korea develops the brand's distribution in the local market.

We are committed to a process in line with the company's story and ambitions. This year we celebrate the 55th year since our foundation, during which time we initially focused on taking root in Italy before undertaking global growth, firmly focused on research, innovation and sustainability all the while”, Diano Tura and Pietro Paolo Bergamaschi, Founding Partners of B&T S.p.A Group, emphasize with pride.

The latest developments in France and Korea come in the wake of other recently implemented major international operations, in Europe, Asia and the United States. The company shows no sign of slowing down along this pathway of growth. Around 25 new openings are expected in Italy this year alone, as well as 10 abroad, 30% of which will be direct stores. The primary aim over the next few months will be to boost presence in high potential territories and raise awareness of the new mattress collection, a soon to be announced expansion of flagship products of the ReSearch line.


About Dorelan
Dorelan, a leading brand in the domestic bedding industry, is part of B&T S.p.A. Group, founded in 1968, with around 400 employees. Building on more than 54 years of experience, over time the company has combined craftsmanship, superlative product quality and continuous investment in research and development. This has culminated in a 100% Made in Italy production process: from raw materials to the packaging of a wide range of new-generation premium mattresses and bed systems, created with various innovative methods and technologies. These mattresses, with their ergonomics and customisation possibilities, become fundamental to each individual's well-being. The company is also supremely focused on environmental sustainability, working conditions and social responsibility.


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