Made in Italy: doing things well

Made in Italy: doing things well

Giulio Iacchetti - Industrial Designer


There are only three countries in the world in which the addition of the “Made in” suffix adds a certain value in terms of specificity and recognition: Germany, China and, of course, Italy. If “Made in Germany” implies precision, reliability, and solidity, as a counterpoint, “Made in China” refers more to massive production, without quality stand-outs, and with little added value. But when we see “Made in Italy”, it opens up a world of knowledge and wisdom, variety and inclusiveness, and innovation that has never been separated from the traditions that make our country unique.

My work constantly leads me to meet and, often, to research top producers with whom I embark on new projects. I have done so for about thirty years. Since my very first day of work, I have been on the streets of our Italy to meet people in places where things “happen”, where ideas precipitate into solutions and products, and where the daring nature of certain special businesspeople is the foundation of recordbreaking developments and unparalleled quality. I might therefore be authorised, because of my unique observatory, to discuss Made in Italy and why Italy has taken on this role in the world. This is not the case. I can only tell you about my sincere astonishment and, at times, the deep emotion I feel, when I see and hear about how stubbornly Italian entrepreneurs and their amazing workers have tackled the precariousness of a country like ours head-on, giving the world beauty and uniqueness. In other words, I still do not know why Italy has become an international point of reference with its famous “4 A’s”, on which national exports are based: Alimentari (Food), Abbigliamento (Clothing), Arredo (Furniture) and Automobili/Automazione (Automobiles/automation). Furthermore, I can’t explain why Italy is able to continuously break records in the production of seemingly marginal products such as in ice cream machines, taps and fittings, shoes, eyeglasses and, of course, pasta (just to name a few).

There are so many stories that intertwine when we talk about the “Italy of excellence”. Maybe we should conduct a sociological, rather than economic, investigation in order to understand where our passion for quality comes from. To tell you the truth, I have some ideas. Maybe we are a country of entrepreneurs who are never satisfied with what they find and who are ready to search for new solutions to overcome limits that might seem insurmountable to most people. Uncertainty has shaped a class of women and men who have held steadfast to their determination to make our world more beautiful and welcoming, each doing his or her part. Whether it is a bed, a violin, a blown glass vase or a red car that shoots over the plains like lightning, drawing a line from the past to the future, from dreams to wishes, a special ambassador of an Italy that has decided to do things well every single day.

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