The hotelier world

Wherever our products are present, in every city of the world and any sea, home or hotel, the same attention to well-being and details is recognisable.

Dorelan Dorelan Hotel

Dorelan Hotel

Boutique hotels, large hotel chains and premium accommodation facilities choose our mattresses for their rooms and suites. We provide them with quality support that boosts the value of their hospitality offering. Dorelan products become an immense added value for the world of hospitality. Currently over 10.000 clients from the hotelier industry have chosen us.
Dorelan The cruise world

The cruise world

We have sailed the seas and oceans aboard vessels of the most important cruise companies, bringing all the comfort and well-being of home beds to the cabins of prestigious international brands. The Dorelan philosophy seamlessly ties in with the offering of a cruise ship: comfort and quality rest are an essential added value expected by guests; we certainly will not let them down. Add to this high hygiene and safety standards, aspects we have always been committed to, because it is important for people to feel safe, protected, comfortable and happy to rest on a Dorelan mattress.
Dorelan Tailor-made bedding solution

Tailor-made bedding solution

With over 50 years of experience in high-end bedding, Dorelan presents a wide selection of tailored solutions by its division dedicated to the hotelier industry, inspired by a desire for the utmost customisation of bed systems, both in terms of comfort and design. Our philosophy of “Tailor-made bedding solutions” enables hotels who believe in the customisation of a state-of-the-art bed system to make aware choices and invest in assets that generate business and a veritable added value in the long term.
Dorelan Quality bed systems

Quality bed systems

Dorelan satisfies the needs of each hotel, creating a unique and distinctive added value in terms of excellent rest and bedroom well-being. Everything starts at the production site, where unique, state-of-the-art machinery, internally developed by the company with ad hoc modifications to heighten performance levels, enables the creation of products that distinguish themselves due to their comfort and ability to fulfil the diverse requirements of the hotelier world. Dorelan is an ideal consultant, dedicated to supplying each hotel with a customised bedding system through multiple combinations that create special comfort, fulfilling the different requirements of each guest and providing them with the experience they are looking for.
Dorelan Investing in the customer

Investing in the customer

Every single guest loves to live extraordinary moments and wants to feel welcome, pampered and reassured. They want a room with quality services, to have good care taken of them and to be able to savour little luxuries as part of an exclusive experience. Quality sleep, the unique comfort guaranteed by the room and bed system, becomes one of the main drivers of hotel performance. A passion for quality is a veritable production philosophy at Dorelan.

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