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Made in Italy: doing things well - Giulio Iachetti, industrial designer*

There are only three countries in the world in which the addition of the “Made in” suffix adds a certain value in terms of specificity and recognition: Germany, China and, of course, Italy. If “Made in Germany” implies precision, reliability, and solidity, as a counterpoint, “Made in China” refers more to massive production, without quality stand-outs, and with little added value.

But when we see “Made in Italy”, it opens up a world of knowledge and wisdom, variety and inclusiveness, and innovation that has never been separated from the traditions that make our country unique.

*The Somnia Bed, designed by Giulio Iacchetti, is made entirely in Italy, as is the whole range of Dorelan mattresses and bed system components.

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The story of the termal waters in Castrocaro: pleasure, healing, and well-being of the body and spirit

Achievement of physical and emotional well-being through quality rest is the goal that motivates Dorelan's constant research and creation of innovative products.

The story of Castrocaro’s thermal waters begins at the end 1830 with a penalty procedure for illegal transport of salt water, stolen from a spring in the Rupe de’ Cozzi valley by the settler Antonio Samorì. The water, containing sodium chloride, iodide and bromide, became famous thanks to the curing of Adolfo Targioni Tozzetti, a “young man with high hopes” and grandson of the more famous Antonio, hearing officer of the district of Rocca San Casciano and, in 1841, the “miraculous curing” of the Marquise Caterina Martelli, a great lady at the Grand Ducal Court of Florence.

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The Padiglione delle Feste in Castrocaro Terme: Art Deco architecture interpreting the “genius loci”

A style, an allure and a language that distinguished Italian and European artistic production in the twenties and thirties.

The generalised definition of Art Deco corresponds to an eclectic, fashionable and international lifestyle. This moment in style owes its success to the pursuit of luxury and the pleasure of living, as intense as they are fleeting, promoted by the
European bourgeoisie after the dissolution, during the Great War, of the last of the nineteenth-century myths and the mimesis of industrial reality, with the logic of its production processes. Twenty unbridled, "roaring" years, as they were called, of the great international bourgeoisie.

Italy had a unique influence on all this.

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