Imagine  a  new  independent  pocket  spring  technology  that  is  able  to  conform  to  the  shape  of  your  body  point  by  point,  adapting  with infinitesimal perfection to your physique.

Imagine  a  system  that  works  synchronously  on multiple levels, providing the performance of  three  different  types  of  springs  in  a  single  movement,  giving  each  body  precision  sup-port,  perfect  elasticity,  and  ergonomics  that  are  customised  and  superior  to  any  other  spring technology.This is the new Armonia technology with inde-pendent  pocket  springs,  the  latest  frontier  of  high-tech springs that will surprise you with its solidity,  dynamism,  and  elasticity  and  its  top  performance in terms of ergonomics.

Armonia technology takes advantage of the performance of hundreds of springs that are independent from each other and  encapsulated  one  by  one  in  technical  fabric  pockets,  to  create  a  system  that  allows  each  spring  to  compress  or  extend freely and without involving the adjacent springs in the movement. The result is a mattress that adapts to the shape of the body with high precision. The structure remains solid and durable and the suspension system is stable and reliable.The most surprising feature of the new high-tech Armonia spring is its ability to react in a differentiated and personal-ised way to different weights on the mattress, thanks to its ability to work synchronously on several levels. This very high precision technological structure gives the entire system the ability to adapt to a person’s physique, offering custom accommodation, dynamic support and a level of ergonomics that competes with even the best technical foam.The springs of the Armonia system vary in the different areas of the mattress according to degree of firmness and elas-ticity with 7comfort zones, providing cushioning that is differentiated as it perfectly adapts to all body types. In order to enjoy superior comfort, different areas of our body need diversified support. The Armonia system maintains that support for a long time, providing a gentle and natural adaptation to every type of body.The high carbon steel springs ensure maximum resistance and long lasting performance. A perimeter reinforcement structure also makes certain that the mattress keeps its shape, even on the edges, and that the springs operate perfectly and uniformly. With this system, the entire mattress support surface, both the central area and the outer edges, provides the same feeling of stability!

ARMONIA SPRING Auto-adapts to the body with super-precision support and unparalleled ergonomics.
INDEPENDENT POCKET SPRING SYSTEM Independent pocket springs, solid and reliable. They compress without involving the adjacent springs, gently following your every movement.
7 COMFORT ZONES The zones provide anatomical and differentiated support to each area of the body, adapting gently, progressively and naturally.
PERIMETER BOXThe box ensures stability, costant and long-life performance. The mattress keeps its shape even on the edges!

The Mattress of the line Armonia

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