Made for customers who love uncompromising support, Rapallo is an ultra-modern mattress with Tempus technolo-gy. It is solid, resistant, durable and it has an excellent elas-tic response to all of our movements during sleep. Tempus gives you that sense of rested wellness. The luxurious cover, with its elegant and sophisticated aesthetics, gives Rapallo a softness, a pleasant sense of accommodation and cosy com-fort that is typical of the Dorelan brand.


Top comfort, soft and luxurious padding, refined workmanship and beautiful finishes, maximum usability, technological innovation and top-level performance: these are the many benefits of the Comfort Suite, Dorelan's top-of-the-range cover. The Comfort Suite cover has a padded layer inserted within the two surfaces of the mattress. You will have an immediate sense of comfort and top level accommodation.

Cortina is available with 3 covers:

Hypoallergenic 4 season
Winter Side: Organic Cotton + Ingeo
Summer Side: Organic Cotton + Ingeo
Washing Instructions: in the washing machine at 30°C, delicate cycle

Winter Side: Wool + Ingeo
Summer Side: Silk + Organic Cotton + Ingeo
Washing Instructions: in the washing machine at 30°C, delicate cycle

Myform organic
Winter Side: Myform Memory Clima
Summer Side: Silk + Organic Cotton + Ingeo
Washing Instructions: in the washing machine at 30°C, delicate cycle


:Prefer support  that  is  decisive  and  vigorous  and  a  traditional  sense of firmness. They are looking for a product with enhanced comfort, with top performance in terms of technology, and at the same time it should be elegant with superior aesthetics.
SUPPORT WITH HIGH FIRMNESS The cylindrical springs are connected to each other by an exclusive hooking system and offer assertive and perfectly uniform support.
EXCELLENT ELASTICITY Thanks to the high density of the springs (255 springs/m2) and the special connection system, the entire structure provides an exceptional elastic response.
GREAT RESISTANCETempus technology is exceptionally solid and resistant, which is also thanks to the perimeter reinforcement structure that encloses the spring system.
VERSATILITYTempus mattresses can be placed onto ant support base: springs, slats, orthopaedic bases and storage beds.
EXTRA-LONG DURABILITYTempus technology is extremely resistant and able to preserve its performance qualities for a very long time.
BREATHABILITYHigh levels of breathability and transpiration provide perfect moisture wicking and resistance to dust, guaranteeing top hygiene.
Ergonomic Certification
Ergonomic Certification Measures of the Ergonomy Certification Body
Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®
Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® independent control and certification system of the fabric sector
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
Hygiene certificate
Hygiene certificate issued by Bureau Veritas
LCA - Life Cycle Assessment

A new technology that can provide benefits to our most important need: sleep.

Don’t stop there! Our sleep experts are waiting for you.

For a unique experience of comfort in total harmony and complete relaxation. We at Dorelan listen to your wishes and devote all our energy to finding the right product for your needs.
The true secret to health, longevity and youth.

Sleep well, live better.

We at Dorelan believe that sleep is the most natural, powerful remedy we have on hand daily to guarantee an irreplaceable source of physical and mental energy and peace within ourselves: the true secret to health, longevity and youth.
The true secret to health, longevity and youth.

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