The fully configurable bed system

MyBed was inspired by the need to combine customised aesthetics with high levels of ergonomic and comfort performance.

The result is a fully configurable bed system, both in terms of design and technology, suitable for satisfying the different requirements of a global market which requires a practical product that is compact in size and easily adapts to all furnishing styles. This is why the MyBed sommier can be made in four different side band heights, is matchable with eighteen different types of headboard and is available in an extensive range of fabrics and colours.

However, the true heart of this range lies in technology, stemming from Dorelan's extensive experience in the field of rest, culminating in the development of Spring, the first hybrid microspring and Myform structure to be applied to a sommier. Such innovation enables the base to adapt according to the type of mattress, in addition to classic Flat solutions, in pure American style, and Elastic, which brings all the functionality and excellent performance of the best slatted bases to the MyBed world.

Technology, aesthetics and practicality seamlessly mingle in the electric MyBed, the sommier that combines the best of rest quality with all the functionality and comfort of an adjustable bed system. All this has been designed to provide each person with their own personal style of well-being.
In this way MyBed becomes a range of modular and complementary solutions which integrate to become faithful companions for your rest.


Customize your MyBed

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