Convertible Sofa Beds

Modularity is a feature that makes the space flexible because it allows the home to adapt to the activities of daily life in an intelligent way.

The Convertible Sofa Beds are an intelligent solution for any type of environment, especially for those who live in tight spaces or want an extra bed available. The collection provides for three distinct solutions where the sofa, with the seat consisting of an actual mattress, can be equipped with a pull-out bed frame or space-saving drawer, or else become a bunk bed.

Produced with top-of-the-line quality materials, the line of Convertible Sofa Beds gives the greatest freedom for creating style: in fact, the five models of the collection can be covered with fabrics and colours selected from a rich palette.

Beds линии Convertible Sofa Beds


convertible sofa bed with pull-out bed frame


convertible sofa bed with drawer


convertible sofa bed with pull-out bed frame


convertible sofa bed with drawer

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