Dorelan для потребителя

Будучи всегда ориентированной на обеспечение максимальной прозрачности и безопасности своей продукции, компания Dorelan может похвастаться лучшими сертификатами , которые свидетельствуют о высоких стандартах качества, которые характеризуют каждый день нашей работы.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008: DORELAN products meet the safety standards and undergo rigorous production quality controls, as defined by the Quality Management System certified according to the UNI ISO 9001:2008 (for the Design and Production of mattresses and pillows).



Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1: the souls of our mattresses in Myform meet the human-ecological safety requirements for use by adults and infants.


Ergocert: certification of product ergonomic characteristics.

Dorelan products with this certification are found to meet the requirements of D25 TECHNICAL REGULATIONS AND TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ST11/PILLOWS as well as TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ST-10/MATTRESSES for the certification of the product ergonomic features. Ergonomic Certification has been obtained in compliance with Technical Specifications and Measures of the Ergonomy Certification Body.
Specifically for mattresses, biomedical assessment enables the calculation of an instrumental Comfort Index.
Medical value assessment also includes calculating the average percentage of surface activated with pressure lower than capillary occlusion.
With reference to pillows, an inertial system of computerised posture movement analysis is used to calculate the alignment level of the  cervical rachis (supine and lateral position)



Hygiene certificate: issued by Bureau Veritas


In 2017 Dorelan became the first Italian company in the bedding sector to guarantee its Customers with optimal hygiene for all its mattresses and pillows, thanks to new B&T S.p.A. optimal hygiene guarantee specifications for all phases of its production cycle: from supply, production and transformation processes, through to packaging, shipment and delivery.


LCA: Life Cycle Assessment



CATAS: guarantee of duration, load curve and deformation


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