Firm support with 400 Bonnel springs
The Master mattress is very solid and durable; it is recommended for people who desire a firm support along with a totally elastic comfort. The core of Master contains Bonnel springs inside the Box System to preserve the characteristics of solidity and durability and to lend an anatomically correct support. The Master mattress has a cover in Polyester, material used both for the fabric and padding, and is compact.

Internal Composition

The centre of the mattress contains a box with 400 Bonnel springs that guarantees a strong and solid support; on the top and bottom sides of the spring suspension, one layer in Fisiomassage promotes comfort.


Stretching out on this mattress one of the first sensations is the dynamic comfort provided by the cover, while the materials used for the core are studied to give a firm support.

Caratteristiche del prodotto


Fisiomassage 30 kg/m3

LFK Springs - 700 springs

Fisiomassage 30 kg/m3

Compact cover

Machine washable at 30°C on gentle cycle

Fisiology Twin





ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015 Система управления качеством
Гигиенический сертификат
Гигиенический сертификат выдан Bureau Veritas
LCA - Life Cycle Assessment
Bonnel Springs

Bonnel Springs

The Bonnel biconical springs represent the traditional spring system par excellence. Crafted in steel wire and assembled with a spiral, it too in steel, they feature a special non-deforming treatment to guarantee a proper firmness and a perfect durability of the mattress.

Технология Dorelan

Molle LFK

Traditional spring system that guarantees a proper firmness and a perfect durability of the mattress.

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