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Ergonomic, comfortable and with a hypoallergenic cover: the mattresses of the Myform line with Fibersan cover are ideal for ensuring the whole family the wellness of a good night's sleep.

The fabric used for the finely crafted Fibersan cover is made of Viscose and Polyester. Viscose is a natural, lightweight fibre with a luminous and brilliant appearance that is extremely soft and velvety to the touch. The Polyester used is of premium quality and guarantees exceptional elasticity and durability to preserve the special characteristics of the cover. To ensure maximum safety during sleep, the fabric undergoes a lavender, lemon and eucalyptus-based treatment that inhibits the proliferation of dust-mites thereby lending the product its hypoallergenic feature.

The soft padding of the Fibersan cover alternates layers of Bamboo fibre with Polyester for a comfort that is consistently soft and delicate. Bamboo fibre, a natural material, features a high level of breathability and maintains the correct body temperature, in every season guaranteeing a feeling of freshness and wellbeing. Polyester is a very elastic and strong fabric that helps to preserve the special characteristics of the cover. To maintain the hygiene of the mattress, the cover is removable and washable at 30°C.

A combination of 4 different layers of Myform ensure the proper support of each part of the body, simultaneously providing a high level of ergonomics together with pleasant comfort. The combination of Myform Memory Clima, Myform Memory Air, Myform Extension and Myform Air will consistently offer a healthy and rejuvenating sleep.

Recommend the Myform line with Fibersan cover to persons desiring a comfortable and caressing mattress along with the safety of a hypoallergenic product.

Mattress in Myform Optimal ergonomics
Layer in Myform Memory Clima Perfect heat regulation
Layer in Myform Memory Air Excellent ergonomics and breathability
Layer in Myform Extension Compactness, solidity and total comfort
Layer in Myform Air Constant passage of air and freshness
Cover fabric in Viscose and Polyester Pleasant comfort and high durability
Hypoallergenic Treatment of cover fabric Total safety
Cover padding in Dimension: Bamboo and Polyester Exceptional freshness and durability
Micro-perforated perimeter strip Breathable and hygienic
System for moving the mattress with 6 side handles Exceptional practicality

Mattress линии Myform


Поддержка Balanced.

Balanced support in Myform


Поддержка Soft.

Soft support in Myform


Поддержка Firm.

Firm support in Myform
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A new technology that can provide benefits to our most important need: sleep.
Технология Dorelan


A new technology that can provide benefits to our most important need: sleep.

Не останавливайся здесь! Наши эксперты по сну ждут вас.

Для ощущения уникального комфорта в полной гармонии и релаксе. Мы в Dorelan слушаем потребности людей и используем все наши усилия, чтобы найти продукт, отвечающий именно вашим требованиям.
Настоящий секрет здоровья, долголетия и молодости.

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