The slatted bed frame is a fundamental component to achieve a truly rejuvenating sleep, so it must be suitable to the specific physical characteristics and to the type of mattress selected.

Mybed completes the construction of the entire bed system with a full line of bed frames in wood and iron that maintain the performance of our mattresses unaltered and respond to the different needs for sleep. Advanced technology, topof- the-line quality materials and stringent tests guarantee every bed frame of the line with unique performance in terms of ergonomics, functionality and durability.



The secret of Mybed bed frames lies in the choice of the most precious materials and the workmanship featuring the highest technological innovation. Designed to best respond to the constant stresses placed on the mattress thanks to the use of very elastic, non-deformable materials, the bed frames of the line are characterised by maximum resistance and durability.


The bed frames of the Mybed project have been designed to offer a perfect ergonomic support. Great importance has been placed on flexibility, so that every bed frame can offer an elastic response that exalts and preserves the characteristics and comfort provided by the mattress.


In order to comply with the most rigorous consumer health and safety regulations, only water-based paints are used for the bed frames of the Mybed project. What’s more, to ensure maximum health, the slats are lacquered with products free of harmful additives or chemical dyes.

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