Good morning Taiwan!

Getting a good night’s sleep is increasingly appreciated in the East. Our first step into South East Asia was our Dorelan store in Hong Kong. Our second step took us to Taiwan, a place where tradition intertwines with contemporary life with ease, creating a perfect backdrop for a Dorelan brand store. 

The Dorelan store in Taiwan is located inside the AseHome Internation Design Center (Room D1019), the largest designer furniture centre in New Taipei City. At this location you’ll find all the top international designer brands. The centre attracts a large quantity of customers seeking European and American products, especially Italian quality items. 

"In a country where wellness is increasingly an integral part of local custom, opening a new Dorelan store in Taiwan is an important milestone for us," said Mario Forcella, Dorelan International Sales Director. He continued: “The store is dynamic and stimulating. Its aim is to become a point of reference for what it means to rest well, in response to an issue that is increasingly recognised globally: the quality of sleep". 

The Dorelan Store in Taiwan will carry a wide range of branded products,from new generation mattresses to all the elements of the bed system, including furnishing accessories. The store will also have collections for athletes and children. It will be a space that is dedicated to sleep culture, design, and beauty. It will focus on the philosophy of good sleep and good practices for better sleep and better living. An Italian space, by Dorelan. 

“Dorelan's commercial presence in Taiwan represents a new adventure for us, bringing with it the opportunity to export the Dorelan philosophy to a diversified market like the Asian one, which is strategic for our business and filled with possibilities,” stated Cristian Bergamaschi, Owner of B&T S.p.A. -“It is also evidence that our commitment to promoting a new concept of wellness with a holistic vision - based on safety, quality and innovation - has achieved remarkable results.” In addition it is an exciting challenge that, for us, has even greater value, if you consider the critical nature of the historical moment in which we decided to embark on this new adventure." 

This new phase of the Dorelan journey is a prestigious opportunity. It confirms an international interest in what the company has been doing for over fifty years. Who would have ever thought that the culture of good sleep and our products made in Forlì would conquer Taiwan, Tokyo and Miami. There is still a long road ahead. Today we will continue down that road with a new certainty in our hearts. 

So, good morning Taiwan! 

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