About us

The story of Dorelan is one of people, dreams and dedication.

It all began in 1968, when Diano Tura and Pietro Paolo Bergamaschi decided to leave the company they worked for, dedicating themselves to a more ambitious project: the production of superior quality mattresses. And so the first ever Dorelan products were created in a small garage in Forlì, made with the same taste and manual skill that distinguish Italian artisans.

From Forlì to the entire country and then onto the international market along a constant, organic and patient growth trajectory. One step at a time, with a vision rigorously focused on quality. This choice inspired significant investments in scientific research, technologies and above all, people.

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Dorelan Mission


To improve the lives of people today, tomorrow, always. To do so thanks to the culture of sleep, commitment, knowledge and technologies.

Thanks to everyday work and the determination with which we pursue it. This is what we do, what we have done and will continue to do, with passion and dedication, forever distinguishing ourselves due to quality and details, avoiding short cuts and ready-made solutions without hesitation.

Dorelan Vision


Sleep is a natural source of well-being. The energy and lucidity with which we face the day depend on its quality and depth. This is why it should be protected, cherished, pampered, treated like the most important element of people's health.

Sleep and well-being live in balance, they are values we strongly believe in and inspire us to work better, every single day, by designing superior quality products of excellence in Italy, with prime Italian materials.

Dorelan Promise


Sleep well, live better.

This promise is close to our heart, a professional ethos focused on the care and well-being of people who choose a new and virtuous way of resting, by choosing our mattresses.

Each gesture, each minute and each action: everything is focused on providing a deep and regenerating sleep experience, a true form of enveloping and absolute rest. Quality rest, unique rest, Dorelan rest.

Dorelan Dorelan today

Dorelan today

Today Dorelan produces mattresses, beds, bed bases, pillows and furnishing accessories. Its offering also includes collections for the hotelier world, cruise companies and sport. With 200 workers and over 2.000 stores in Italy and in the world, it is increasingly expanding across the ocean, with the steady, unshakeable certainty of continuing production where the great dream of Diano and Pietro Paolo first began.
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