Twin System®

Pocket springs system characterised by dual spiral springs made of a single
steel wire able to offer an ergonomic and personalised support.
With Twin System, Dorelan offers excellence in the sphere of applied sleep technologies. A brand new feature is the pocket springs system characterised by dual spiral springs made of a single steel wire that, by wrapping upon itself, creates two concentric spirals: an internal one to guarantee gentle support and an external one to provide the ideal comfort to each part of the body.
Each Twin System spring reacts individually to the pressure it receives, creating a highly ergonomic and personalised support based on the weight and the specific zones.
All this translates into excellent comfort for a distinctive sleep experience.
Twin System®


Twin System represents the innovative excellence of Dorelan's patents when it comes to technology applied to sleep. Result of an exclusive technology, the new pocket spring system is based on “dual spiral springs” consisting in a single steel wire that wraps upon itself to create two concentric spirals.
Twin System®


The springs are created to offer an optimum support that gives proportional support to the stresses received by the various parts of the body. What is achieved is a perfectly defined elastic support, able to meet the needs of users seeking the highest levels of rest and well-being.
Twin System®


The products of the Twin System Line offer exceptional performance, because they are designed to provide a correct and highly ergonomic support for the body. The structure is composed of two concentric spirals: an inner one ensuring dedicated support, and an outer one to provide total ergonomic comfort.
Twin System®


To offer a proper support to each part of the body, mattresses with the Twin System spring system feature targeted zones. The targeted support zones are ensured by the variation in the quantity of springs arranged and inserted in the different zones to consistently ensure a correct and proportional support.

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