With this exclusive Dorelan Ro.Ma. Collection, we are design-ing a new way of thinking about mattresses, expanding the dimensions of rest by transforming your night-time spaces into a sophisticated refuge of relaxation and refined beauty, so that you can fully experience, and not just at night, comfort that is deep, emotional, and luxurious.What we are presenting you is a mattress collection that has been created by following the noblest and most traditional manufacturing traditions, perfectly in sync with the newest trends in contemporary living, as the home is transformed into a fluid environment where boundaries between spaces are continuously retraced. What makes each mattress in the new Ro.Ma.

Collection simply unique is the top-level comfort it offers. A comfort that rhymes with wellness, but which is also synonymous with lovely elegance, to give our customers a deeply regenerat-ing rest and a precious experience of cosiness every night.We call it the “Comfort of Dorelan Ro.Ma.”: an experience that starts with the body, which is supported with preci-sion and perfect ergonomics thanks to the high level of in-novation of our technologies.

Armonia springs have 5 different diameters and they work synchronously on several levels. The springs "self-adapt" to the shape of the body on the mattress. It's like having 3 springs in one!

Auxilium springs is an independent pocket spring mattress with an innovative assembly system and a high level of firmness. The system maximises the mattress’ support capabilities because the springs are cross-assembled where there is the greatest amount pressure, in order to distribute the weight of many different body types.

Tempus Solid and resistant, these cylindrical-shaped springs with an exclusive hooking system are the perfect support for more robust body types and they offer unparalleled elasticity.

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