Twin Clima

with Twin System springs

The innovative range of Twin Clima mattresses combines elastic and balanced support guaranteed by Twin System springs, with a pleasurable and enveloping feeling of comfort thanks to the cover in Myform Memory Clima on one side and Organic Cotton/ Ingeo on the other.

Finely finished cover fabric contains Viscose and Polyester.

Viscose is a fabric of natural origin, lightweight, luminous and shiny in appearance conferring a particularly soft and velvety sensation to the touch. When it comes into contact with skin, provides a pleasant sensation of freshness. Only top quality Polyester is used, guaranteeing excellent elasticity and resistance and ensuring that special cover characteristics remain unaltered, night after night.

The filling contains materials developed for healthy and comfortable rest. The winter side of filling is in Myform Memory Clima, which absorbs heat given off by the body and stabilises temperature, for perfect heat regulation with all the comfort of memory. The summer side contains Organic Cotton filling, which favours the constant flow of air and dissipation of body heat. Ingeo fibre, made from Corn and other plant starches, is highly elastic and rapidly absorbs excess humidity. For enhanced mattress hygiene, the cover is removable and washable at 30°.

Mattresses contain Twin System springing, made up of 2000 double-spiral springs, guaranteeing correct support for all areas of the body, without creating areas of tension. The presence of a layer in Myform Extension on the upper and lower side of springing accompanies the movement of springs, seamlessly combining comfort and ergonomy.

Recommend the Twin Clima range to anyone looking for a traditional type of elastic and ergonomic support without missing out on the pleasant feeling of comfort offered by a soft cover.

Mattress with Twin System springs Perfectly calibrated support
Layer in Myform Extension on the top side and bottom side of the spring system Proper support and optimum elasticity
Central box with Twin System spring system Perfect ergonomics
Cover fabric in Organic Cotton, Viscose and Polyester Comfort, freshness and excellent durability
Hypoallergenic Treatment of cover fabric Total safety
Cover padding in Organic Cotton and Ingeo Fibre High breathability and freshness
Micro-perforated perimeter strip Breathable and hygienic
System for moving the mattress with 6 side handles Exceptional practicality
Twin Clima
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
Hygiene certificate
Hygiene certificate issued by Bureau Veritas
Dorelan technology

7 targeted zones

Pocket springs system characterised by dual spiral springs made of a single steel wire able to offer an ergonomic and personalised support.

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