Discover the goose feather pillows crafted according to Dorelan's standards of quality and innovation.
For welcoming and voluminous support
External embrace and unmatched support inside
Light neck and cervical support

Soft support and extraordinary welcome

Goose down pillows are a soft and extraordinarily welcoming support. This natural material, together with the innovation of Dorelan technologies, guarantees great standards in terms of hygiene and of perspiration. The heat is in fact maintained constantly, without causing sweating and spreading it evenly over the entire bed.

The feather pillows then provide very soft support to the head, thanks to their lightness and elasticity properties, thus easily returning to their initial position after being compressed. For these characteristics ofsoftnessAndlightnessthey adapt to any type of rest, especially for those who usually rest on their stomach.

The padding of the cushion in goose down Save it is made up of 100% feathers, offering great support to the entire head area; the down pillow Fairy, however, is made with 40% feather padding, to give support to the cervical area, and 60% down, to give an incredible feeling of softness and lightness.

Finally, the third model offered by Dorelan is the down pillow Leev, which is characterized by two different paddings: if the internal one is made of 30% down and 70% feathers, the external one is made of 70% down and 305 feathers. This guarantees cozy and absolutely comfortable nights for anyone who rests their head on this pillow.

All Dorelan down pillows are available in different sizes, to guarantee the right support for every different body. Each product is in fact controlled by the rigorous controls of our scientific committee, expertly combining scientific and technological knowledge with the passion and experience of many years in the sleep sector.

Finding a balance between good behaviors and correct tools is essential to living a healthy, quality life: to take care of your health it is important to choose the right down pillow for your rest. Don't miss the opportunity to discover all the goose down pillows in the Dorelan catalogue, because sleeping well is living better!