"Sleep is based on quality"

DIscover a fully configurable bed system.

The MyBed&Base project has been created as the culmination of Dorelan's knowledge in the field of rest, marking a further commitment to people and their well-being.It focuses on the entire bed system, conceived as a unique element that addresses all aspects of rest. In this way, the benefits of an excellent mattress or cushion are further enhanced, thanks to the support of the right base.

For any choice of rest it is necessary to start from the foundations.

MyBed and MyBase products have been conceived, designed and built with the aim of improving rest and reaping the full benefits of each element, giving anyone the chance to create their very own ideal bed system, in terms of performance, aesthetics and practicality of use.


MyBase is a range of slatted bases designed to enhance the performance of Dorelan mattresses. A complete range of solutions, suitable for satisfying different rest requirements and body types, seamlessly combining innovation, experience, technology and sophisticated production techniques with the most innovative materials. This gives rise to highly evolved products, conceived and designed with the aim of achieving superlative ergonomics.

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MyBed was inspired by the need to combine customised aesthetics with high levels of ergonomicand comfort performance. The result is a fully configurable bed system, both in terms of design and technology, suitable for satisfying the different requirements of a global market whichr equires a practical product that is compact in size and easily adapts to all furnishing styles.

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With straight, curved, softer or more rigid lines, the Dorelan catalog offers a vast assortment of headboards, to make the environments in which you rest welcoming and comfortable.


The MyBed sommier can be made in four different side band heights, combinable with eighteen different types of headboards and available in a wide choice of colors and fabrics.


Explore a wide range of feet available for your MyBed. Choose from a variety of heights to find the perfect one that fits your style and needs.