About us

Dorelan's story is one of people, dreams
and dedication.

It begins in 1968 when Diano Tura and Pietro Paolo Bergamaschi decide to leave their jobs and devote themselves to a more ambitious project: making superior quality mattresses. So, in a small garage in Forlì the first Dorelan products were born, made with all the taste and craftsmanship that have always distinguished Italian production.

  • Initial stages of industrialization of the production process and establishment of a sales agency network.
  • Construction of a larger and more modern production site.

  • First nationwide print advertising campaign.
  • Dorelan enters the world of Hospitality.
  • Construction of 2 new production facilities, integrating logistics and administration.
  • Opening of the first flagship stores: Faenza and San Michele all'Adige.

  • Dorelan enters the world of cruises with the first Costa Cruises ship;
  • Opens the third production plant;
  • Begins the internationalization of the company.

  • Inauguration of the new corporate headquarters.
  • Opening of the first 3 flagship stores.
  • Opening of the first foreign branch: Dorelan France headquartered in Lyon.

  • Dorelan USA is established with headquarters in Miami.
  • Opening of two new branches: Dorelan Hong Kong and Dorelan Taiwan.
  • Acquisition of Facondini and the Korean distributor, leading to the establishment of Dorelan Korea.

Dorelan today


Retailers in 60 countries




Items produced every day


"Improving the quality of people's sleep today, tomorrow, always."

We want to do this by spreading the culture of sleep, raising consumers' awareness, being an authoritative source of information.
We do all this through ongoing scientific research geared to improving the technology associated with sleep and by determinedly pursuing our goal, day after day.

"Our work is a combination of needs, focus on the product and science; a real innovation in tradition. We uphold the values we have always held and confirm them with the power of ideas and technology.

This is what we do, what we've done in the past and what we'll always do, with passion and dedication, always standing out for quality, research and details, and unhesitatingly avoiding shortcuts and ready-made solutions.


"Sleep is a natural source of wellbeing."

The energy and alertness we bring to our days depend on its quality. For this reason it should be protected, safeguarded, prioritised, treated as a vital element of human health.
Sleep and wellbeing exist in equilibrium. We believe firmly in both, and this inspires us to give our best every day.

"We want to design excellent products of the very highest quality, and we want to do it in Italy, using great local materials, carefully selected."

This is why we put our approach to sleep into practise and make products to help people sleep well, an important part of living better.

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Dorelan in the world

"Those who choose Dorelan choose better sleep. Choose wellbeing."

Primo piano delle mani di un artigiano che cucisce con cura l'etichetta di Dorelan su un materasso, evidenziando l'alta qualità e l'attenzione al dettaglio nella produzione.

Over time our company has built and consolidated a reputation all over the world, and today Dorelan mattresses are sold in the best stores.
2000 stores offer our products, and in recent years we have opened almost 200 single-brand concept stores where customers can learn more about the Dorelan approach to good sleep.

"For us it's a fine demonstration of trust, which we repay with unique products and greater added value".

A highly professional "made-to-measure" approach that's also reflected in our consultancy and assistance services to guarantee customer satisfaction. A genuine Dorelan experience, an immersion in a world where the priority is wellbeing, and everything else is secondary.