Corporate Responsibility

All our products are developed with respect for the environment, a central pillar of the company's mission. Today this work ethic remains a constant in our respect for our workers and customers. At Dorelan the careful use of resources is measurable, not based on pretty words and good intentions.

“Healthy rest improves the quality of life”

The first Sustainability Report from B&T S.p.A., owner of the Dorelan brand, was drawn up with this in mind, as an important starting point in telling our story, to report on the results achieved but above all to plan future commitments and challenges. We believe that this transparency tool can accompany us towards sustainable growth, strengthened by the roots and founding values of our company

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We have always been extremely attentive and sensitive to environmental issues. Over the years
we have implemented various initiatives and internal processes to reduce our environmentali mpact.

First of all through the use of renewable or certified green energy (solar, wind or hydroelectric). In addition to meeting the factory's energy needs, our photovoltaic system allows us to input clean, renewable surplus energy into the grid, thus further contributing to the community around us.


Water is not used in our production processes. But we've gone further: to discourage the use of plastic, we've installed two drinking fountains delivering fresh filtered water free of charge for all our staff. Once a year the water in our storage tanks and drainage system is analysed, to guarantee the standard of water discharged into the public sewer system. Rainwater is collected and stored for watering our green spaces.


At Dorelan we're firm believers in the importance of wellbeing, in all forms and settings. We work hard to spread the culture of sleep, but also wellbeing in a far broader sense.

Our company involves not only our people, but also the surrounding area, connecting with schools, institutions and social enterprises. To this end we place great importance on projects that strengthen connections and create opportunities thanks to inclusive choices that engage young people, students and workers.

Dorelan supports ambitious and synergistic projects like I’m a Dreamer, an exemplary scheme that began in 2017 and involves young fashion students from the Istituto Tecnico Saffi-Alberti in Forlì, who have created models and prototypes for the SOGNO_RICICLO_CREO line for CavaRei, an integrated organisation that supports people with disbilities by developing their employment skills. Dorelan contributes by providing surplus textiles and other materials free of charge; these are used to produce unique, ethical and sustainable products.

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