Fiber pillows by Dorelan: breathable, ergonomic, anatomical, and performance-oriented in any sleeping position.
Antibacterial treatment for maximum hygienic protection.
Cool and breathable from the soft reception
Ample support, maximum hygiene

Technological Innovation and Natural Material

Natural fiber pillows are the most commonly used pillows and are also suitable for younger dreamers, as they are made with polyester filling with excellent anti-allergenic properties. This natural material, combined with Dorelan's technological innovations, ensures high standards of quality and hygiene.

Thanks to laboratory-tested scientific research and studies, Dorelan offers a line of high-quality natural fiber pillows capable of providing restful sleep: they are extremely breathable, ergonomic, and perform well in any sleeping position. They are highly regarded as a valid alternative to memory foam due to their hypoallergenic properties and softness.