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Comfort and well-being begin with the aesthetic appeal of our sleeping areas: discover Dorelan's wide range of bed headboards.

Born to shield all dreamers from cold walls

Born with the purpose of shielding all dreamers from cold walls, the headboard has now become a true piece of furniture, capable of enriching any space with a unique personality and style. Models, colors, and fabrics of bed headboards can indeed be matched to the style of furniture, or to the patterns and textures of sheets and pillowcases, to make our environments harmonious and create creative style plays.

From straight to curved, softer or more rigid lines, the Dorelan catalog offers a vast assortment of headboards, to make the environments where you rest welcoming and comfortable. From fabric upholstered headboards like King and Crown, perfect for enlivening your spaces with their vibrancy, to headboards with rounder shapes like Jade and Emerald, for a classic and timeless style, to the most modern-style headboards like Sir and Knight, ideal for decorating environments with simple and minimal lines.

Each of these bed headboards can be customized with different fabrics and a wide range of palettes, making it very easy to integrate your Mybed into any type of decor. For each headboard, you can also evaluate the most suitable type of bed base, choosing between fixed models or electric ones. Thus, you can add value to your sleeping area, exactly according to your tastes and your very personal style. Finding a balance between good behavior and correct tools is essential for living a healthy and quality life, all with a touch of added style!

Comfort and well-being indeed also begin with the aesthetic pleasure of our environments, which is why it becomes important to choose the right headboard for our bed.

Each product is checked by the rigorous controls of our scientific committee, which skillfully combines scientific and technological knowledge with passion and experience to ensure the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Do not miss the opportunity to discover all the headboards for your bed in the Dorelan catalog, because sleeping well is living better!