A dream-like experience

Tourists of today have very different interests and ways of interpreting travel, to the extent that they focus on the personalisation of their holidays, by demanding a tailored guest experience.

In light of this, the quality of bed systems and mattresses becomes fundamental as guests will spend one third of their holiday experience sleeping. Travel has become a search for personal gratification and satisfaction that inevitably depends on the quality of rest.

Dorelan for hotels

Tailor-made bedding solutions: quality proposals for a bed system tailored to individual hotel requirements.

A unique offering inspired by the company's determination to distinguish itself in the hospitality sector: Dorelan is all too aware of the fact that a quality stay is determined by meticulous attention to the smallest details, impeccable management and the ability to provide unforgettable hospitality.

Dorelan has always grounded its business in the quality of experience and is all too aware of the importance of full customer support. The company provides a system including consultancy, supply, after sales assistance and support, enabling the client to make the most of their investment.

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The cruise world

We have sailed the seas and oceans aboard vessels of the most important cruise companies, bringing all the comfort and well-being of home beds to the cabins of prestigious international brands.

The Dorelan philosophy seamlessly ties in with the offering of a cruise ship: comfort and quality rest are an essential added value expected by guests; we certainly will not let them down. Add to this high hygiene and safety standards, aspects we have always been committed to, because it is important for people to feel safe, protected, comfortable and happy to rest on a Dorelan mattress.