Care and Maintenance Guide

Every Dorelan product is a symbol of quality and craftsmanship. To ensure lasting comfort and keep the products you have purchased in optimal condition, it is important to follow our valuable advice for proper care and maintenance. Read the Care and Maintenance Guide.


To achieve lasting comfort and complete well-being during your rest, it's important to maintain careful care and maintenance of your mattress. Here are some useful tips.


The pillow is a complementary element for healthy rest.
To prolong its characteristics and ensure maximum durability, Dorelan suggests adopting some practical precautions.

Bed Frames

The bed frame, even if placed beneath the mattress, requires maintenance.


Il sommier è il supporto perfetto per ogni tipologia di materasso e grazie al suo design garantisce comfort e l’opportunità di personalizzare il letto per dar forma al proprio stile.


The bed is the main element of the bed system and requires special attention and care due to the delicacy of the fabrics.