Case Wood

Case Wood enhances the bed system’s performance because it’s more resistant and, thus, lasts longer, thanks to the wood’s precious characteristics. The central wooden bar with a metal reinforcement ensures a stable supporting surface while enhancing overall comfort.

Artisanship, wood, and design give life to Case Wood, Dorelan’s new beechwood base for a bed system that ensures wellbeing and quality sleep.

This idea was developed in our carpentry department, where expert hands have created the ultimate 100% Italian bed base.

Technology designed for:

Enhance mattress performance:

Ensure greater stability:

Improve sleep quality:

Wood bed base

Firmness adjustment:

The rigidity adjustment system allows you to calibrate the support provided by every slat. This way, you can control the level of rigidity of the bed area that most undergoes stress and, thus, sleep better regardless of your build and posture.

Wood slat holder

Wood’s slat frame is made of a material that can resist daily stress. Its assembly (slat by slat) makes it silent, while ensuring the perfect distance between slats to adapt to different body types and sleep postures.


The Wood frame is made of top-quality materials. This way, it can be used as a base for storage beds and ensure durability and top performance. The 60 x 30 mm struts are made with beech plywood and water-based paint to preserve the aesthetics of these products. The central beam is reinforced by using a metal bar to obtain the same rigidity and resistance as that of the central foot, which cannot be used in storage beds.


A double through-bolt holds the frame with the mechanical part, ensuring stability to the whole bed

Bed with Case storage system


is a bed system that is equipped with a classic storage space with 45° lift, facilitated by means of gas pistons. It can be combined with Wood bed frame.

Case + Wood

This bed system consists of a classic container with a 45° opening angle. It’s supported by gas
pistons and a base with a wooden frame. Moreover, it features two beech plywood slat arches in the
double bed version.