Environmental labeling

Recycle responsibly with Dorelan

300 million tons of plastic produced worldwide

25% of plastic is recycled in Italy

20% of energy is produced from renewable sources in Italy

84% of the waste found in the sea is plastic

For years, Dorelan has been contributing to the environment through the conscious reuse and recycling of its materials

The entire supply chain is subject to regulatory requirements that compel our packaging suppliers to create easily recyclable products for end consumers once they reach the end of their life cycle.

By scanning the QR code on the warranty card, Dorelan customers can directly access this dedicated page where they can find precise and timely information on the correct and conscious disposal of the packaging used to preserve the artisanal quality of Dorelan products.

Below are instructions on how to properly dispose of the various components that make up the packaging of Dorelan products. Please always refer to the regulations of your municipality. If necessary, you can contact Customer Service.

Thank you for your contribution to responsible and ecological disposal!

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All our products are developed with respect for the environment, a central theme for the company. Today, this work ethic must be a constant, inherent respect for both the worker and the consumer.

Environmental labeling of packaging according to Legislative Decree no. 116 of September 3, 2021, which transposes EU Directive 2018/851 on waste, and EU Directive 2018/852 on packaging and packaging waste.
Legislative Decree no. 116 of September 3, 2020, stipulates that all packaging must be 'appropriately labeled according to the methods established by applicable UNI technical standards and in accordance with the determinations adopted by the European Union Commission, to facilitate the collection, reuse, recovery, and recycling of packaging, as well as to provide consumers with correct information about the final destinations of packaging. Manufacturers also have the obligation to indicate, for the purpose of identifying and classifying the packaging, the nature of the packaging materials used, based on Commission Decision 97/129/EC.