I'm a Dreamer, and you?

Dorelan strongly believes in the importance of well-being, in every form and in every context , committing itself to spreading the culture of sleep and a broader concept of well-being.

Precisely for this reason, we dedicate great energy to projects that strengthen bonds and create opportunities thanks to inclusive choices that involve children, students and workers, contributing to the achievement of the following objectives.

Responsible consumption and production

Recovery of 338 kg of Dorelan production waste

Decent work and economic growth

Training of 5 people and hiring to date of a person with mental fragility.

Quality instructions

Activation of a school-work alternation program for a total of 20 hours.

A new way of doing business

A virtuous path, which began in November 2017, created with the precious collaboration of the young students of the Fashion System of the Saffi-Alberti Technical Institute of Forlì and of CavaRei , an integrated hub in support of disabilities, created by the social cooperatives Tagram and Cammino, to be a point of reference for the community and offer people with disabilities educational, work and inclusion opportunities in the area.


The 20 prototypes most suitable for future industrialization were sent to CavaRei for final implementation and series production. A strategic choice, in order to offer employment opportunities to disabled and disadvantaged people.

Thanks to the different skills and services offered by Cavarei, the professionalism and attention to detail guaranteed in every single phase of the process, the ideas of the young designers have come to fruition and the recycled materials have taken on a new life.