"The Art of Bedding"

Discover the MyRoom collection by Dorelan, where innovative design meets the artisanal quality of Made in Italy.

Made in Italy: doing things well

The MyRoom collection perfectly embodies the characteristics of knowledge , authenticity and innovation , typical of all "Made in Italy" products.

The innovative design and the great quality of the materials allow Dorelan beds to become real protagonists of every sleeping space: they offer regenerating dreams, to live your days better, as well as giving your rooms a great aesthetic pleasure.

The history of the Castrocaro terminal waters

The story of Castrocaro’s thermal waters begins at the end 1830 with a penalty procedure for illegal transport of salt water, stolen from a spring in the Rupe de’ Cozzi valley by the settler Antonio Samorì.

The water, containing sodium chloride, iodide and bromide, became famous thanks to the curing of Adolfo Targioni Tozzetti, a “young man with high hopes” and grandson of the more famous Antonio, hearing officer of the district of Rocca San Casciano
and, in 1841, the “miraculous curing” of the Marquise
Caterina Martelli, a great lady at the Grand Ducal
Court of Florence

The Padiglione delle Feste

A taste, a fascination, a language that characterized Italian and European artistic production in the 1920s and 1930s.

What everyone recognizes as the Art Déco style was an eclectic, worldly, international way of life. The success of this moment of taste must be acknowledged in the pursuit of luxury and a pleasurable way of living, all the more intense because of its ephemeral nature, initiated by the European bourgeoisie after the dissolution, in the Great War, of the last nineteenth-century myths and the imitation of industrial reality, with the logic of its production processes.