Production Site

The production site is the beating heart of all Dorelan's activities. Here is where products, ideas, and patents are born. Here is where our value comes to life, characterized by moments, precision, attention to detail, and an endless passion for our craftsmanship.


Square meters of production, with 10,000 dedicated to warehousing.


Items produced every day.


Companies in one, our competitive advantage.


Various technological innovations and different patents have made it possible to create durable bed frames made of beech plywood and carbon fiber, without compromising on aesthetic quality.

The production process of bed frames is divided into the manufacturing of both fixed and movable frames and the preparation of slats to be assembled onto the frames.

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Polyurethane produced in-house in Dorelan's chemical department is used for creating the cores in Myform.

As a final product, blocks of Myform with different characteristics are obtained depending on the proportions and quantities of raw materials used in various preparation recipes (Myform Extension, Memory Air, etc.).

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The processing of steel wire through special, highly technological, and innovative machinery allows for the construction of each individual spring.

Refined technologies and cutting-edge solutions now enable Dorelan to offer a range of spring systems that are an absolute reference in the international landscape.

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Dorelan's tailors are responsible for the production of every component of the mattress, such as covers, bands, and padding finishes.

This is one of the most artisanal departments within the company, where skilled craftsmen work on custom cutting, band assembly, and specific cover sewing.

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Quality control

Every detail and study carried out on individual components takes shape with the construction and realization of the finished product.

Once the assembly is complete, all mattresses undergo careful final quality control to exclude production defects and unsatisfactory hygiene standards.

The inspected products are identified with specific shipping labels and stored according to loading and transportation plans.