Renewable energy

Dorelan is very attentive and sensitive to environmental issues. Over the years, it has implemented various initiatives and internal processes to support the environment. In the summer of 2019, it signed an amendment to the electricity supply contract, committing to 100% renewable energy certified by guarantees of origin issued by the Italian Energy Services Operator (GSE). By participating in the 'Green Energy Option' initiative, starting from January 1, 2019, 100% of the electrical energy consumed by Dorelan is entirely sourced from renewable sources such as solar, hydroelectric, and wind.

Conscious of climate change and concerned about global pollution, Dorelan has been implementing policies for several years aimed at reducing the company's environmental impact. Today, there is a growing need to reduce CO2 emissions, combat the 'greenhouse effect,' and decrease the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere that affect both health and the environment and contribute to climate change.

One solution to address the issue of CO2 emissions is the use of electricity generated from renewable sources. The advantages of renewable sources are numerous: they are inexhaustible, have a reduced environmental impact compared to fossil fuels, are locally sustainable, and help reduce environmental risks associated with transportation.