Create your own MyBed

Fixed sommier

The fixed sommier, available in 4 different heights and versions (H10 - H16 - H21 - H25).

The fixed sommier uses three types of coverings: fixed, removable and removable ruffle covers.

Electric sommier

Mybed Elettrico looks like a normal sommier that hides a sophisticated movement mechanism.

The independent movement of the two rest areas allows each user to adjust the head part and the foot part totally independently.



It represents the classic bed base, composed of a support surface made of wooden slats spaced in order to allow perfect breathability;


Made as a modern slatted base, capable of improving the ergonomics and overall performance of any type of mattress.


It adopts the exclusive hybrid technology which combines the refined ergonomics of independent microsprings with a layer of Myform specifically designed for this use.


You can choose between three different types of coverings: Fixed , Removable and Removable Volant . Each option is designed to best meet your needs for style and practicality, guaranteeing maximum flexibility in creating your ideal bed.

A wide selection of fabrics and colors allows for maximum customization of your Mybed, making it easy to fit into any type of decor and match different styles that can characterize the bedroom area.