Immersed in sleep or in water I regenerate .

What does it mean to regenerate ?

When you sleep, your body isn't simply at rest: it's in an active process of recovery , repair, and reinvigoration. Every muscle relaxes , every thought quiets, and your essence is regenerated in a natural purification cycle .

On Re:Generation , the feeling of being regenerated upon awakening is not just an impression, but a tangible reality. It's feeling completely renewed , ready to face the day with a strength that comes from the depth of regenerating sleep. Federica Pellegrini fully embodies these values: water is her element , sleep her ally after every performance.

The science to support regeneration .

Sleeping on a Dorelan Re:Generation mattress means embracing a new era of rest. The tangible benefits of our mattress not only improve the quality of sleep , but profoundly transform the way we live our days. The scientific studies we have carried out bear witness to this.

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