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Wash at 30°C (Pillow Top only)

Height26 cm


Liberty Pillow Cover

The Liberty Pillow cover is equipped with a removable pillow top via a perimeter zipper, which allows for enhanced and personalized comfort thanks to its layer of Myform Memory. The zipper for attaching it is located along the side perimeter of the mattress cover; the latter, with a fixed and durable casing, is a perfect blend of classic aesthetics and functionality.

The cover features multiple layers of padding. The padding of the pillow top consists of a layer of Myform Memory, our patented formula designed to ensure excellent performance in terms of material responsiveness to body pressure while sleeping. The padding on both the upper and lower sides, however, is made of polyester microfibre, ensuring comfort, hygiene, and breathability.

Both the mattress and the removable pillow top are covered with a highly hygienic and durable fabric, thanks to the qualities of the polyester microfibre that makes them up.